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Haining Kaiyang Garment Co., Ltd. was formerly known as “Haining Ao Roman Leather Industry Co., Ltd.” and “TUCANO”, which was founded in 1989.With a total construction area of over 10,000 square meters, the company is located at No. 6, Fuxing Road, Pidu Science and Technology Industrial Park, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China. It has more than 200 employees and produces more than 90,000 high-end men's leather garments. Company integrates design, production and sales into a trinity to create high-end men's leather garments. It has domestic top fashion designers and automated production equipment. The styles of the garments are novel and the craftsmanship is exquisite.

Introduced the European authorized brand "TUCANO"


Kaiyang, at the beginning of the journey, has a unique eye for itself. From self-production to self-sales, it has created three firsts that are rare in Haining and even Chinese leather-packing enterprises: the first to introduce the European licensed brand “TUCANO”, which has driven the entire Haining leather. The introduction of the international brand of the city has taken a solid first step for the promotion of the popularity of the leather city. The first one is the foundry of the first-line brand at home and abroad, and it has created a perfect processing industry for the leather industry in 2012. In 2012, Thousands of leather goods from the old European leather goods countries Turkey and Italy are affixed with the "Kaiyang" trademark, which is popular in the leather city. Kaiyang became the first Zhejiang private enterprise to let European famous enterprises OEM, creating a precedent for China's leather industry and reversing the traditional foundry model of China's small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Fashion · Elegance · Quality

Kaiyang introduces European and Japanese advanced leather design software and process equipment, integrates domestic and foreign high-quality raw and auxiliary materials resources, comfortable and decent version, ensuring the luxury quality of high-end men's leather garments and laying a solid position in the industry.The Shanghai World Expo was held in May 2010, and Haining leather clothing was unveiled. In the Belgian pavilion, the leather jacket worn by Xiaoyulian, the "first citizen of Brussels", was designed by Kaiyang.

Kaiyang has cultivated a corporate culture of steady development, survival, pragmatism, and persistence, and strives to be the first customer, the market first, and the quality first.Kaiyang understands men, understands men's fashion trends, has always been in good faith management, service-oriented purposes, and strive to provide customers with the most competitive market for men's leather and the most complete and reliable follow-up services.

Kaiyang adheres to professional development, relying on technological leadership, service leadership, quality leadership, strategic leading competitive advantages, deepening the domestic market, developing international business strategies, and constantly creating classics, bringing the elegance of Chinese men's wear and international fashion elements to bloom.


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